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Billet E85 Race 4150 Carb Click here for more information! Mech Race Carbs Custom built for your engine High performance race carburetor! E85carb's Race Series Carburetors are hand-assembled in the U.S. utilizing a High-Flow Carburetor Main Body, durable billet metering blocks, aluminum fuel bowls, and a high performance billet throttle base plate. This fuel has certain advantageous attributes that make it a popular fuel for performance and racing. Currently NASCAR uses a race gasoline mixed with 15-percent ethanol, and the Indycar Series racers that initially switched from methanol to E98 subsequently converted to E85 in 2012. 21/01/2008 · E85 Ethanol may be an Alternative Fuel source, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice power for a cleaner burning fuel, Check out this article about E85 and see how many hot rod cars are gaining performance from this, Featured in the 2008 January Issue of Hot Rod Magazine.

Drag Racing and E85. From personal experience I must say this stuff is for real. I converted over about mid season last year after talking to several people I finally decided to give it a shot. In this case, VP Racing’s C85 preferred Lambda of.8587, while pump “E85” preferred.8284, a bit richer. Look at the chart above to equate that to gasoline AFR, if. call and talk to a live voice! m-f 8-4 cst phone: 800-733-3381. E85, like race gas, is for those of us who are pushing cylinder pressures to the limit of detonation. What “potentially” makes it better than race gas is the price. Currently E85 sells for around $2.75 a gallon. Uses for E85.

28/01/2018 · Spark plugs for E85 will need to be changed to a hotter heat range, yes even if all you are doing is drag racing. E85 will not cure issues you have due to bad valve adjustment, ignition problems caused by i.e. wrong spark plugs, distributor coils etc etc. EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL VS GASOLINE AND E-85 ON RACING ENGINES. Published February. rings, and bearings as Gasoline or E-85. Consumption is approx. 2.2 times that of. reasons why here but it is our experience from looking over hundreds of fuel injection questionnaire sheets that most drag racers utilize converters that are too tight for. Blended with 85% ethanol and 15% top quality hydrocarbons every time, unlike pump E85 which is very inconsistent. Download Spec Sheets.

Also, E85 at the retail level is not anhydrous dry and the gasoline component is a not a high-octane material. While many racers have found considerable performance increases with pump E85, it could be very advantageous to utilize an E85 fuel specifically blended for racing applications.

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