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Looking Maplestory 2 Skill Build, PVP, PVE Guides For Wizard, Assassin, Berserker, Heavy Gunner, Knight, Priest, Thief, Archer? Here U4GM MS 2 Team Depth. If you want to kill your opponents fast in MapleStory 2, Assassin is your class to go. Poison damage, throwing weapons, lethal combos, all of that packed into a one, small character. Learn how to wreak havoc in MS2 with Assassin! While progressing you will be able to build your own character with different gears, skills and also a home. you will find many new and old enemies on your adventure into the raids, dungeons, and other godly fights. All Classes Details And Build For PVE And PVP In MapleStory 2. This guide contains up-to-date builds and information about every single class in Maplestory 2.

This Maplestory 2 Thief Build Guide features the best MS2 Thief Builds, Skill setups and information,. Assassin Build Guide Wizard Build Guide Heavy Gunner Build Guide Priest Build Guide. Maplestory 2 Best PvP Classes. December 7, 2018. 0. Maplestory 2 assassin, she is in a position to eliminate his target in deadly silence. Here U4GM will share Maplestory 2 Classes Guides For Assassin With Skill Builds for you, U4GM is the best place to Buy Maplestory 2 Mesos Website. This Maplestory 2 Wizard Build Guide is gonna give you all the knowledge you need to be one of the strongest Wizards on the server because it was written very thoroughly by a Mage main “ Bear_Tek ” who is also a Twitch streamer so make sure you check him out on his Twitch Channel if you have any more questions or enjoy watching Maplestory 2. 05/01/2019 · Build: Normal shadow build preset. Game MapleStory 2; 2015; Category Gaming; Song Papi Chulo Te Traigo El Mmm Reggaeton Original Version.

09/01/2019 · 01:09 Shadow Build and its varients 06:15 MOD Variants of Shadow Build 07:40 Thrown Mastery Build 10:59 Gear Stats 14:18 Pet stats 16:15 Gems 17:26 Thanks for watching P.S: You can use shockwave. 15/05/2018 · Browse the official forums and chat with other MapleStory 2 players here. Ok as a lv50 Assassin with 2.1k GS and doing top dps in the raid since 1.8 I have my input here. but didn't perform as well single target and made aoe very inconvenient is the shadow cutter build. basically with that build you want to get all of tree 2, 3. I’m playing the Assassin class and I am enjoying it. Now I understand while other classes are more worth playing, and could be a lot better than this class, I’m looking to strictly just play this class and make the most out of it. What are some good skill builds for the Assassin class? Maplestory 2 Runeblade Builds And Skill Analysis Standard All Rounder Runeblade Build. This is my primary MS2 Runeblade build for most content at level 60 and is strong for beginners as well. I run storm primarily so you’ll see more storm variations. Let me explain why I don’t put max points into whirling blades and instead put them into chasm.

This Maplestory 2 Soul Binder Build Guide features the best MS2 Soul Binder Builds, Skill setups and information, Gear, Macros, Attributes and much more! 01/08/2018 · LeekTheV3getable wrote: » Just me testing out the build, and yup it's pretty nice. Browse the official forums and chat with other MapleStory 2 players here. I don't know how the others fare in comparison — I'm not really one for PvP. 21/07/2018 · Another build I liked a lot but didn't perform as well single target and made aoe very inconvenient is the shadow cutter build. basically with that build you want to get all of tree 2, 3, and 4 bare minimums and max your buffs on top of shadow cutter if possible. macro all attacks in the shadow cutter tree only with fatal strikes and death.

23/03/2019 · Browse the official forums and chat with other MapleStory 2 players here. but I think a lot of that will depend on your gear and skill build. For pvp, personally, I didn't feel like it was that good, but it will depend on which class it's fighting. Beserkers are strong in PvE and Assassins are strong in PvP, it's really that simple. In case of handling the lethal damage, the Assassin can be said to be the best in Maplestory 2. Equipped to Slay Firstly, we will be talking about Attribute. For the Assassin that is built for Crit, the main stat would be Luck. Most of the Assassin builds take critical hits as a damage boost.Maplestory 2 Assassin Build: The Updated Tricks. Hey pretty new to the game like a lot of others are. I was just wondering what's the best skill build for Assassin in terms of Bossing. Just to go into more detail I was really wondering what skills to put points in and how to go about attribute points.

27/10/2018 · MapleStory 2 Level 60 Assassin skill plus point and equipment attribute selection. PVE skills plus point analysis Assassin in PVE mainly relies on some skills of darts to cause damage. Here you are in right Place, we offers poe builds, fortnite guides and other more hot game tips. Follow. Write the first response. Maplestory 2 Assassin Skill Build And Equipment Choose. MapleStory 2 Assassin is a remote professional with darts. Hit, you must meet the requirements of the relevant Dungeons, or the attack will have a significant impact on their output after the emergence of MISS, crit damage, with a fatal instinct of 15 seconds full crit. Edit: I decided to remove the link to the beginner guide I did, so that this post won't get any more controversial posts as it already got. I admit my mistake by not giving a disclaimer in the first place, that the guide was intended for new people to get a feeling for Runeblade while still doing good damage.

The Assassin might not know who she is, but she knows what she is: Loyal, smart and the deadliest thing around. As she searches to discover her past and visit vengeance on those that exploited her abilities, the forces of darkness will regret getting in her way. The Rooks are a group of assassins that serve under the Black Mage. 13/09/2018 · MapleStory 2 — Heavy Gunner PVE Skills Plus Build. MapleStory 2 is coming soon, and today U4gm wants to recommend to everyone is the all-rounder in Dungeons — Heavy Gunner. In the current version of the big environment, Heavy Gunner is relatively an unpopular occupation. Then, for 10 seconds, 30% of the time, you deal an additional 108% damage up to once every 1.5 seconds. So that's a maximum of 6 procs per Mirror Image, and only 2 of those procs on average will succeed. Resulting in an approximate 484% damage per skill use. Yawn. Final Skill Build Bossing/aoe focus 4 Lucky Star - For prereqs. As she searches to learn her previous and check out vengeance on those that exploited her skills, the forces of darkness will regret acquiring in her way. Here U4GM Editor Will share Maplestory 2 Assassin Skill Builds And Choose equipment for you if you want to buy Maplestory 2.

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